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To solve a problem
or to reach your goal,
you don't need
to know
all the answers
in advance.

But you must
have a clear idea
of the problem
or the goal
you want to reach.

All you have to do
is know
where you're going.

The answers will come
to you
of their own accord.

Don't procrastinate
when faced
with a big
difficult problem,
break the problem
into parts,
and handle
one part at a time.

If you can
get up the courage
to begin,
you have the courage
to succeed.

It's the job
you never start
that takes
the longest to finish.

Don't worry
about what lies
dimly at a distance,
but do what lies
clearly ahead.

Your biggest
is where you are
right now.

When you begin
you are half done.

(Autor Unknown)

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