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Cleaning Out Our Closets

There comes a time when we must
clean out the closets of our life
so that we may have room
for items that will enhance our life.

 Let's search the closets of our lives
and make a trip to the wastebasket.

Throw away any hatred
that may be lurking there
and be sure to toss out
jealousy,bad attitudes, dishonesty,
complaints, sin, and hypocrisy.

Before you finish,throw away that grudge
you have been  holding against someone.
There's room now to add
love, honesty, forgiveness and kindness
-not to mention
thankfulness for all of God's blessings.

Go on and make room for
reverence and respect to God
from whom all good and perfect gifts come.

Stand back and look:
Your life's closet is looking better, isn't it?

 Take a moment today to spring clean your heart.
Ask God to come in and if He finds anything else
that shouldn't be there,
take it out so that you can live holy and right!

Author Unknown

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