The Oath

© David Sammons 1999
Used with permission.
Thank you David!!!

From this day forward,
these things I do solemnly swear to do.....

I will strive to be strong in all things

I will encourage others to see the blessings of life

I will be positive in my outlook and attitude

I will be fair and kind

I will believe in the good of all things

I will promote love and forgiveness

I will hold fast to my faith

I will forgive those less tolerant

I will forgive those less wise

I will speak only the truth

I will be an example of virtue and grace

I will face adversity with an open mind

I will seek opportunity in every challenge

I will promote the belief in all things
which strengthen one's spirit and peace of mind

This is my solemn oath unto myself
as a Member of MisChif's Minstrels!

Blessed be they
who learn that kindness and love
will overcome all things,
given enough time and persistence!

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