I believe that I have used only images which are "free" however, I may have overlooked something that needs to be credited to the artist. I always try to attribute copywrite information whenever possible, but when I do find a really nice picture, I want to share it, even when I don't have the copywrite available.

I am adding the links and credits as quickly as time allows so please forgive any omissions.
Please notify me if you happen to know any copywrite information for the pieces which that is missing and I will gladly correct the oversite immediately.

(WARNING: These images take a long time to load, please be patient, I think you'll find them worth the wait,)

Leana Lui:

© Leana Lui

Jonathan Bowser:

© Jonathan Bowser

Diana Stanely:

© Diana Stanely

Various Angels I've found.
Copywrite information is out there, I just have to go through my files to find them.
I will be adding them later.

Victorian Traditions - Guardian Angel Collection



  Sunspirit Gallery


MisChif's Favorite Angel Graphic Sites (samples)

Angelic Artistry: (This is my FAVORITE Angel Graphic Site!)


I have tried to include the links to all of the sites these came from,
but if you'd like to see more links to great Angel backgrounds and graphics,
you can visit my Universal Angels page or my Graphic Links page.

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