It was like any other morning
people hustling around,
never knew what was to happen
never heard a sound.

It all ocurred so suddenly,
it happened too damn fast,
*whoosh*  and it was over
with a loud and deafening blast.

They thought that they had beaten us,
it was over and they'd won,
 what they didn't know was
how it united everyone.

So sadness loomed above us...
so many innocents have died.
"They think they have won this the day!"
America cried

But it's not over yet,
and peace shall rule once more!
There's never a good answer to
"What  is this war for ?"

So pray for peace my friends
and may closure soon be your own.
 I have to say a love,
so pure ,
has only grown!

No more rage and anger
with blessings from above,
look to your fellow man,
and do it now, with love.

written by Debi Fisher

May we never forget the lessons
learned on September 11, 2001

May the families of the victims
never be left out of our thoughts and prayers
for they too, have paid the price for our freedom.

And, always remember those who are overseas,
fighting to rid the world of terrorists.

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